ARTAZN is the future of zinc, building on more than 130 years of innovation and expertise. As the largest manufacturer of zinc strip in North America and the leader in applied zinc products, the company’s committed to harnessing the power of zinc to unlock its potential and achieve even greater performance and possibilities for its customers and the world. 

Every day the visionaries and craftsmen at ARTAZN work together to transform this fundamental element into new essentials. Relying on its expertise in alloy compositions, ARTAZN is able to utilize zinc strip in a number of applications, creating custom solutions for its partners across the coinage, automotive, and architectural industries, and even beyond. Zinc’s unique qualities — including formability, electrical conductivity, spark resistance, deep draw, and cost effectiveness — create clear value additions for existing products or when designing new ones.


ARTAZN is one of the world’s leading coin blank manufacturers, circulating more than 300 billion coin blanks throughout 20 countries across the globe. Its latest material innovation, ZincSecure®, provides a cost-effective solution for mints and banks’ high-cost alloy coins (HSA) and low-value bank notes. Distinguished among other coinage products, ZincSecure® is a coinage alternative manufactured with superior security and performance in mind.

The ARTAZN facility is a one-stop-shop for coin blank manufacturing, with capabilities that include casting of different alloys, rolling, slitting, blanking, rimming, and plating. ARTAZN is ISO 9001:2015 certified and maintains high-quality standards for coinage products using the latest technologies such as their automated visual inspection systems.

Cathodic Protection

The company’s Cathodic Protection systems preserve vital, often steel-based infrastructure from chloride-induced corrosion. These systems combine the power of zinc and superior engineering to provide effective, long-term remediation of steel and steel-reinforced concrete structures and concrete highway pavements, saving cities and communities valuable time and resources.

Industrial Products

The Industrial Products Division encompasses a large number of essential applications, from automotive electrical circuit protection and building products to architectural and specialty products. Again, ARTAZN’s team of experts is always using zinc strip’s unique qualities to prove and apply its superiority to most alternative materials in the industry.