Do you have ambitions to change the world?

We’re looking for brilliant, eternally curious minds who want to make a career of tackling the complex issues facing our planet and industries.  Join us in creating work that matters.


The IDEAS behind Jadex

Integrity Above All

We choose responsibility — responsibility to do the right thing for our employees, our customers, our community, our environment, and our children's future. We commit to being proud of our choices, always.

Deliver on Commitments

"Do what you say, and say what you mean." We believe that's the only philosophy worth living and working by.

Embrace Innovation

Creativity is a necessity. Every day, we use original thinking and disruptive technology to push our products' quality further, never compromising.

Accelerate Growth

Velocity is key. When it comes to inspiration, curiosity, and well-being, we don’t simply follow market standards. We set them.

Strategic Intention

We're calculated. Every decision we make is with the "bigger picture" of our company in mind — from the types of partners and customers we want to work with, to the potential mergers and acquisitions that can increase our enterprise value, to the boundaries we push for technology and sustainability.