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About Jadex

Innovator.Problem Solver. Maker.

Innovations match the needs of the times. And as needs evolve so do innovations. It’s in Jadex’s DNA to be one step ahead of what’s needed next, to solve problems as new ones arise, and to do it masterfully, scientifically, one genius innovation at a time.

We are more than leaders in manufacturing, we are thought leaders driven by the possibility of changing lives through sustainable science. As partners, we love to challenge and be challenged — challenged to rethink and challenged to reinvent.


Our Success is Built on Our Four Leading Polymer-Based Brands

We Are

We make the convenient stuff that helps get you through your day including coolers, ice packs, cutlery and straws.

We Are

We make packaging that protects what’s important to you including our cold-chain solutions made from 100% bio-based foam.

We Are

We make rigid packaging that helps safeguard the products inside to protect those we care for.

We Are

We make engineered nylons essential to extending shelf life and preserving contents in both flexible and rigid packaging.


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Envirocooler EVG
Envirocooler Bioffex
Envirocooler PUR & ePUR
Envirocooler ActiVault
Envirocooler XP-4
Propak Gel Bags


Allstock Bottles
Allstock Child Resistant Closures
Allstock Dosage Cups
Yorker Continuous Thread Closures
Yorker Ribbon Applicators
Yorker Spout Caps
Yorker Twist-Open Caps


Compostable Straws
Freez Pak Hot and Cold Gel Packs

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Learn how our uniquely crafted solutions can help build better tomorrows

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